Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Without Jesus (by Angela Trenholm)

Christmas Without Jesus?

Christmas without Jesus, And all that the Saviour has wrought;
Can you begin to comprehend, why I just cannot bear the thought?
Christmas without Jesus, means more than an empty manger,
Or a wasted trip for wise men, on a road of untold danger.

Christmas without Jesus, means more than a tree with no gifts;
More than no holiday fixings, or no extra-overtime shifts.
Christmas without Jesus - What does it all really mean?
What impact does it have for me, my life, my hopes and my dreams?

Christmas without Jesus, means my sin debt, by me, still is borne.
It still has never been paid for, for His body had never been torn.
Christmas without Jesus, means Heaven cannot be attained;
We've all sinned; there's no remedy. Our good works are useless and vain.

Christmas without Jesus, means an eternity of pain;
No hope for all mankind was brought. without Christ's loss, we have no gain.
Christmas without Jesus! Oh no! It simply cannot be!
But praise the Lord! I know it's not! He came to die for you and me!

Christmas with Jesus - My Saviour's alive forevermore!
He arose victorious from the grave, and He has opened Heaven's door.
Christmas without Jesus - A fairy tale, an empty show.
For Christ came to pay for our sin - It's real! I want the world to know!

Angela Trenholm
December 13th, 2003
(Used With Permission)

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