Thursday, April 29, 2010


Help me to place in Thy hands today
The thing that my heart most fears—
Tomorrow’s anguish and bitter pain,
Tomorrow’s sorrows and tears;

The long, long years, and the loneliness,
The silence, the vacant chair . . .
The grief of today is enough, dear Lord,
But tomorrow’s I cannot bear!

Ease Thou my burden and lighten my load
Till only today is left.
Soft comes His voice in the hush of my soul,
“O broken heart, and bereft,

“My grace is sufficient for thee today,
Pillow upon My breast
Thy weary head, in My circling arms
Today thou shalt find rest.

“Today I can meet thine every need,
Today My love can fill
The echoing chambers of thine heart.
Then rest thee, and be still.”

Be still and trust . . . tomorrow’s tears
May all be wiped away
By God Himself . . . O grieving heart,
Thy Lord may come today!

~Martha Snell Nicholson~

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