Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Son, Give Me Thine Heart

I found this in one of my saved emails and wanted to post it along with the poem, to give the thoughts behind writing it:

Dear friends,

The following poem was written by Jerry Bouey in response to our article "Not Forgetting the Children." This is an excellent poem that truly conveys the spiritual truth we wanted to convey. It also speaks to the real spiritual problem in rearing our children to serve the Savior and why many fail to do so. We hope it is an encouragement to you.

Pastor Terry L. Coomer
For the Love of the Family Ministries

I just wanted to say thank you for all your messages. They are a blessing to me. I do not have children, but want to glean all the wisdom I can in preparation for a Godly home some day - if the Lord wills me to be married.

Many of the points you emphasized today, as well as the main verse - Proverbs 23:26, were preached on at our church Sunday night. The Lord loves getting our attention and repeating what He wants His children to hear!

I wrote a poem this morning that I wanted to pass on to you. Feel free to use it if you'd like. It is called My Son, Give Me Thine Heart.

My Son, Give Me Thine Heart

"My son, give me thine ears,"
Is a saying that may seem wise.
While they listen to your words,
You don't know what goes on inside.
They may appear to pay attention,
To respond to all you have to say,
But nothing is changed in their lives;
They may heed, but do not obey.

"My son, give me thine eyes;
Observe all that I do.
Overlook all my hypocrisy,
And copy the good and true."
While that saying may seem right,
It's only part of what God has to say -
They may watch all of your actions,
But inside, they're unchanged each day.

"My son, give me thine heart,"
Seek the Lord with all diligence.
Jesus works from the inside out;
That's what makes the difference.
Because when God really has your heart,
You will observe all He tells you to:
Obey your parents, read God's Word,
And glorify the Lord in all you do.

December 4th, 2002
Jerry Bouey

My son, give me thine heart,
and let thine eyes observe my ways.

Proverbs 23:26

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