Monday, June 04, 2007

Wait On The Lord

My soul, wait only on the LORD,
Expecting nothing save from Him.
Rest all on His unfailing Word
Nor ever let thy faith grow dim.
Thine every need shall be supplied,
Thy heart's desires be freely given,

And no good thing shall be denied
The soul in harmony with heaven.
All human strength but disappoints,
Its wrecks along life's path are strewed;
But they who wait as GOD appoints
Shall daily find their strength renewed.

On eagles' wings of faith they rise
And far above earth's tumult sail,
They run, unwearied, toward the prize,
They walk, and neither faint nor fail.
However, hope!, as seems thy case,
Go spread it out before the throne;

And in His boundless, matchless grace,
Our GOD will make His power known.
Then in His strength go meet thy task,
Assured He bears with thee the load.
If great thy need, then largely ask;
All things are possible with GOD.

- Mrs. W. A. Vroman

(Taken from A Practical Primer on Prayer)

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