Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is one of two poems that offer a comforting look back (to the day a loved one went home to Heaven) and forward to spending eternity with the Lord ourselves. The first one is: Since Yesterday.


I stood with God on the edge of the world, and my hand was in His hand. I looked down the road of the past, as it stretched away in the dim distance, till it was shrouded in the mists of time. And I knew it had no beginning, and a little chill wind of fear blew about my head.

God asked, "Are you afraid?"

And I said, "Yes, because I cannot understand how there can be no beginning."

So God said, "Let us turn and face the other way."

And I looked into glory, and my heart rejoiced with joy unspeakable. And then my mind went ahead, a billion, billion years, and I knew there would be no end, and again that little chill wind of fear began to blow.

And God asked me again, "Are you afraid?"

And I answered, "A little, because I cannot understand how there can be no end."

So God asked me tenderly, "Are you afraid now, today, with your hand in mine?"

And I looked up at Him and smiled and replied, "O my Father, NO!"

And God said, "Every day in eternity will be today."

~Martha Snell Nicholson~

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