Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Song In The Night

(This note was written the same night I wrote the song.) I have been meditating a lot on the book of Job lately, and tonight at church I figured out what the Lord would have me preach on Friday - Walking In The Dark - from Job 9:11; 23:8-10; 35:10, 14; and Isaiah 50:10-11. Also, I was thinking of some of those passages sort of to the tune of Since The Saviour Found Me (it was the last song we sang before the message). I know the syllables don't completely fit the song, but they can go to the basic tune, if it was adapted slightly.

A Song In The Night

Though darkness hides the sunlight,
A song is in my soul;
In the night of my affliction,
The Lord is in control.

I cannot see His footsteps –
The path He leads me down;
All the way, there’s a promise:
His path leads to a crown.

Within the stormy blackness,
Jesus has His eye on me;
Though the darkness hide Him,
By faith I still can see.

Though nighttime falls around me,
The cross leads to the tomb,
My footsteps will not falter,
His Word lights up the gloom.

Though I know not the journey,
The Lord will take me through;
I will trust in my Saviour –
He has my best in view.

Even though my steps be darkened,
My Father knows the way;
And He will safely guide me –
From the shadows into day.

June 14th/06
Jerry Bouey

Job 35:10, 14 But none saith, Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night. Although thou sayest thou shalt not see him, yet judgment is before him; therefore trust thou in him.

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  1. I like the lyrics, but had a lttle difficulty singing it to "Since the Saviour Found Me," I hear a little less 'upbeat' melody to go with the tone of the words.