Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Songs From My Journey

About one and a half years ago, I stumbled across a wonderful songwriter and poet named Deborah Bolack. The lyrics of her songs and the devotional book she put together have been such a blessing to me. The songs that she has recorded and her visitors can listen to on her blog have been beautiful and edifying.

But this year she has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined - twice! She composed music for two of my songs (one in June, and one just a few weeks ago). I cannot read music, so had no clue how wonderful the music she made was - until I got to hear both songs played at the Gospel Mission where I work. My heart was touched and a long-standing dream of mine was fulfilled - to hear something of mine played, and have sheet music available so that others can use it too.

There have been a couple of songs I have written to existing music (such as from a hymn). One that I cowrote with Angela Trenholm and one of her daughters was used as the theme song for a Bible or Mission's conference in 2005 (For Such A Time As This). Another one was sung by a friend in Australia a few days after it was written, but I have not heard it sung yet (In His Time). A friend put music to I Shall Come Forth As Gold, but I don't know if I will ever see that music written down, as she can play music by ear but not read or write music. My most popular poem, I've Gone Home, had music adapted from a hymn by Angela Trenholm, and I got to hear her play it when I was living in their basement suite - but so far it has not been played in our church.

The two songs of mine that Deborah put to music are Why Trouble The Master? and Because Of Jesus. It is fitting that the second one will be played next week in a church service for the homeless (Metro), seeing as that song was written because of and for the homeless and poor I have come to know and love through volunteering and working at the Gospel Mission. Please check out these two songs if you are interested in viewing them or downloading the sheet music for them.

Please visit Sis Deborah Bolack's blogs if you love listening to sound, separated music, and if you love to read and meditate on solid Scriptural poetry and lyrics. She also has her CDs available for purchasing, if you would like your own copies of her music - but her music is also freely available to listen to as you visit her blogs. Follow the link below to learn more about Deborah and her ministry.

Songs From My Journey: Can You Help?

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  1. Hi Jerry, How did I miss this post?? Thank you so much for directing people to my blog. I do appreciate it. and it was a blessing to be able to write the music for your lyrics. I pray that together they can be a blessing to those who hear.