Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Wonder...

If my life were full of sunshine,
with never a rainy day,
I wonder how I'd treat my Lord
And just how much I'd pray.
If all were peace and happiness
With never a stormy sea,
I wonder if I'd live as close,
And could He speak to me?

If my heart were never broken
And never a tear I shed,
Would I search His Word for comfort
And let my soul be fed?
If through life I knew no sorrow
Or my body felt no pain,
Would I long for Heaven's glory
And Christ's return to reign?

But my Father knows the answer,
He all my weakness sees;
And perhaps He sends the storm clouds
To drive me to my knees.
So that I may learn to trust Him,
Feel secure from all that harms,
And that I may feel beneath me
His everlasting arms.

~Author Unknown~

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