Monday, May 28, 2007

The Four Calls

The Spirit came in CHILDHOOD,
And pleaded, "Let me in."
But oh! the door was bolted
By thoughtlessness and sin,
"I am too young," the child replied,"
I will not yield today.
There's time enough tomorrow."
The Spirit went away.

Again He came and pleaded,
In YOUTH'S bright happy hour.
He came, but heard no answer,
For lured by Satan's power,
The youth lay dreaming then,
And saying, "Not today;
Nor till I've tried earth's pleasures."
The Spirit went away.

Again He called in mercy,
In MANHOOD'S vigorous prime.
But still He found no welcome,
The merchant had no time,
No time for true repentance,
No time to think or pray.
And so, repulsed and saddened,
The Spirit went away.

Once more He called and waited,
The man was OLD and ill.
He scarcely heard the whisper,
His heart was cold and still.
"Go leave me; when I need Thee
I'll call for thee," he cried.
Then sinking on his pillow,
WITHOUT A HOPE, he died.

~Author unknown~

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